there's a she-wolf in the closet

This is just depressing. I'm at work, doing nothing as usual. Looking at GG spoilers and thinking I am very lame. But GG is looking pretty smexy so far this season. I just need to make this clear to the writers who are not reading this journal:

1. Don't Break CB Up, Or Samantha Will Stop Watching
2. Make Carter A Love Interest
Or at least a recurring guest star who is CLEARLY Serena's OTP. Come on. You want this. I want this. Sebastian Stan could definitely use this.

HOWEVER, I am going to see Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince tonight. Which is exciting. Except it's with my 8-year old cousin, Manuel, who is craaa-aaazy. And Samantha despised it with the fire of a drunken man pissing in his sleep while Olivia loved it with the passion of a very special person who thinks that Jenny Humphrey is "cute". So this does not bode well for my outing.

I have begun watching House. It kicks ass and takes names, except for when it takes me through patients' bloodstreams and pretends it is an episode of The Magic School Bus.

can't stay mad at the setting sun

So I went to a civil union ceremony today for a couple I don't even know (my cousin's best friend and her Austrian boyfriend-now-husband). Basically, I started crying when he said "Sí" in his rather thick German accent. I mean, everyone else cried as well, but they know these people. That is all.

In other news, I finished my first Sudoku square thing. And I kicked its ass. Why was I afraid of Sudoku before? I am so its master and it is so my bitch.

My annoying 8 year old cousin (not by blood) will not leave me alone when I am trying to rewatch season 2 of Gossip Girl. He appears to have fallen in love with Chuck and will just constantly yell "WHERE'S CHUCK?" at the screen whenever he doesn't appear. At least he has good taste, haha. And he doesn't even speak English, but he also realizes that Nate must be kind of dumb.

Eventually, there is nothing left to do but sleep.

the people who don't matter anymore

I have just watched a dubbed movie, and I survived. Even better, I survived two very badly behaved children. It's horrible to actually wish I could hit a child.

Ice Age 3 = totally dumb. And incredibly cheesy. The Spanish dubbing wasn't even all that bad, but the whole thing was just ridiculous. Non gratzie.

Happy birthday, Reirei!!!
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lentamente, poco a poco

First day of "work" was... weird. My sort-of boss, Okie (yes, that is his name), asked me if I wanted to watch television. And paid for my food. What? Also, I miss my constant internet access. Apparently, we do not use it at work since we are just being awesome with ORACLE and taking down emergencies or whatever. A 9-hour work day with no fanforum? Yeesh.

I am so tired I could cry, but not really. Just on the inside. I don't think I've ever been this tired before. I'm so tired that I can barely even bring myself to care whether or not Serena hooks up with Carter. Actually, that's a lie. I could never stop caring about CaS. The true OTP. It needs to happen nao. It's the right thing to do, guys. Let go, jump in, it's so amazing here...

This whole staying-in-Perú-for-a-month thing? I didn't think it through properly. I'm way too lazy and antisocial for this situation. Plus, I am now constantly plagued by swine flu fears. I better not catch it, because knowing how loathe I am to take action, I would probably just die.

Perú itself, meanwhile, is just the way I remember it - which I love. There's too much change in this world; I'm glad some things stay the same. Oh, wait. Something is different. There is Starbucks. Fuck you, globalization. Fuck you forever. But, anyway, it's odd that my mother hates my aunt C, and yet this woman seems to understand me better than anyone. How is this possible? Aside from the very real possibility that my mother is a complete failure in every way, obviously. Sorry, Mom. I still love you.

I finished season 3 of Dexter, and I kind of wish I hadn't. Nothing else will ever be good enough now - I've been ruined forever. Currently, my 4 favorite ships are: Chuck/Blair (um...DUH), Hank/Karen (Californication), Don/Betty (Mad Men), and Dexter/Rita. In fact, I want to make a music video with all four ships. Anyone know where I can get non-GG clips? Or perhaps have a song suggestion that fits all four? I wanted to do "Damaged" by Plumb, except that I want it to be from the guys' POVs and that song references being a girl, so...

I am continuing my trek through Tess of the D'Urbervilles, and I just want to ask: Why is there so much RAPE? It's terrifying. I can't believe that people continue to debate the topic as if there was any way it wasn't rape. Someone in the book actually says, "A little more than persuading had to do wi' the coming o't." Do you know what that means, people? It means - wait for it - rape.

By the way, for those of you who have my number (including those of you named Reinaldo who suck and refuse to call me), you can call me. I just can't call you. Never fear, Tati is here on the other end of the line. I am here to listen to you, especially if listening involves you updating me on GG spoilers during my horrid internet-less hours (7:30 am to 4:30 pm, in case you're wondering). Just don't be alarmed if I call you "Dad" in order to throw people off my negligent-worker scent.

all made out of ticky-tacky

You know what's retarded? Getting annoyed or mad at people for their opinions on insignificant subjects. So I'll stop that now.

I just started watching Weeds. Not as awesome as I would have expected, but fun so far. It's always amusing to watch asshole characters still be good people every once in awhile.

couldn't stop my heart's sinking like a weight.

Muahahahahahaha. Emoness consumes me. It's cuz I'm with my mommy, and she drives me cra-azy. Thankfully, I'll be staying with Reirei from now on. After facing the wrath of my fake-sister and enduring ma mère a few hours more, that is.

At least my father called me with many explanations about his erratic behavior - blaming my mother, Linda, and every other female in the universe for being psychos. And he is their poor captive victim.

And tomorrow: IT BEGINS. That's right. The children I must teach. I must get excited about acting again, which I'm not currently excited about. Sad times forever.

And, yes, I am listening to really old music. The joys of downloading all my songs over again means I get to listen to them. Can't have my play count at 0, now can I?

love is not enough

I just finished watching the first five episodes of Californication, and let me tell you: it is everything I ever dreamed of (and more). It took me awhile to get adjusted (I mean, I cannot view Harry from Sex and the City as a sexual being, you know?), but now it's totally riding me hard. It's kicking ass and taking names. I worship it. David Duchovny, you shouldn't be a sex god, but you totally kind of are. Madeline Zima, you know you're beautiful. I know you're beautiful. Marry me, but stop scarring me, please. You are a small child on The Nanny! Stay this way forever. It's like Daveigh Chase all over again, but with actual nudity. Natasha McElhone, you look like a young Meryl Streep. You act like a young Meryl Streep. Are you, in fact, Meryl Streep from the past sent through time and space in order to not have sex with David Duchovny for prolonged periods?

Dear Mom, you suck. I just thought you should know that. You may not be the worst mom ever, but I'm feeling dramatic enough to give you that title for tonight. Congratulations. And just remember that if I ever get around to actually going to therapy, you will probably be the only thing I talk about. Sweet dreams.


it's a brand new day

So, I need not despair yet. Everything on the King and I front is looking up, and I will be working in Perú for July and August (I know, I'll be missing birthdays, which kills me). The best part is my uncle promised me a two-week trip to Spain! Can you believe I've never been to Europe before? It's kind of pathetic, really. But I will have been there after the summer's done, and that brings great joy to my heart.

Of course, while I'm up on one end of the seesaw of life, I'm slightly down on the other. I have Junior Players orientation tomorrow, and I'm already freaking out (in the total Tatiana way, which amounts to sitting around worrying and doing nothing about it). Will I get to classes in time? And, once I'm there, what the hell will I teach these kids? I barely even remember my own warm-up games, and I don't have the energy to write them a play or whatever. The worst part is that I'm having to teach a class by myself at one of the camps where I know the kids are beyond rowdy. I am a failure at getting people to quiet down, so that'll be interesting.

Amber is watching Weeds. I wish I could do the same, but I must finish Gilmore Girls first, which is rather terrifying seeing as I know I'm not going to come out all that happy in the end. At least let Lane realize sex is okay! Of course you're going to think it sucks if you tried to have your first time on a beach with crabs.